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Isoflurane is an inhalation anaesthetic. 

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A9129 Restricted Veterinary MedicineI

Description: I.S.O. (Isoflurane) 250ml Vial.

Indication: Isoflurane is an inhalation anaesthetic.  The level of anaesthesia may be changed rapidly with I.S.O. (Isoflurane).  Indication and recovery from anaesthesia with I.S.O. is typically smooth and uneventful.

Contraindications: DO NOT USE in animals with a known sensitivity to isoflurane or with a known susceptibility to malignant hypothermia.

Directions for Use: I.S.O. should only be used in a vapouriser suitable for Isoflurane with an appropriate anaesthetic circuit.


Muscle relaxation may be adequate for intra-abdominal operations at normal levels of anaesthesia.  However, if muscle relaxants are used to achieve greater relation, it should be noted that:  ALL COMMONLY USED MUSCLE RELAXANTS ARE MARKEDLY POTENTIATED WITH I.S.O.  THE EFFECT IS MOST PROFOUND WITH THE NONDEPOLARISING TYPE.  Neostigmine reverses the effect of nondepolarising muscle relaxants in the presence of I.S.O. but does not reverse the direct neuromuscular depression of I.S.O.

Safety directions: Avoid contact with eyes and skin as I.S.O may cause irritation.  Eyes should be protected from spillage and plastic (not rubber) gloves should be worn at all times.  Ensure adequate ventilation during use and do not breathe the vapour.  The recommended occupational exposure standard (OES) on an 8 hour time weighted basis is 50ppm (UK Standards).

To prevent the build-up of isoflurane vapours and exposure to veterinarians as well as support personnel, operating areas must have adequate ventilation and air extraction systems.  Care should be taken when filling vapourisers with I.S.O.  Isoflurane should be transferred from the bottle to the vapouriser by using the appropriate filling device.  Spillage should be minimised at all times and cleaned up by using sawdust, sand or other inert absorbents.  Contaminated material should be removed and placed in a well ventilated area.

Repeated exposure to halogenated anaesthetics has been linked to increased miscarriages in personnel of operating theatres.  It is recommended that caution be exercised when a pregnant woman enters an operating area whilst I.S.O. is being used.  Adequate ventilation is mandatory.

First aid: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poison Information Centre 0800 764 766 (0800 POISON).

In the event a person appears to be suffering the effects of I.S.O. through accidental exposure, remove that person from the source of exposure.  Seek urgent medical assistance and have a bottle of I.S.O. available for reference.  Wash any I.S.O. from skin immediately with soap and water.  Contaminated eyes should be washed with water for 10 minutes.

Withholding period: NOT TO BE USED in horses intended for human consumption.

Storage:  Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning).  Protect from light. And direct heat.  Store in tightly closed original container.

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MSDS Sheet Click here to download the Isoflurane MSDS pdf

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