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Vijec vitamin B12 plain injection

Vijec vitamin B12 Injection with Selenium

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Quick Overview

For the treatment and prevention of vitamin b12 and cobalt deficiencies and selenium responsive conditions contains two analogues of vitamin B12and 4mg/ml selenium

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A red sterile solution for injection containing:

1800mcg/ml Hydroxocobalamin and 200mcg/ml Cyanocobalamin.

4mg/ml Elemental Selenium (sodium selenate) 500ml multidose vaxipacks.



After injection hydroxocobalamin is stored in the liver and slowly released to the body as required. This provides long lasting supplementation of Vitamin B12 to prevent symptoms of deficiency occurring.


Achieves high and rapid blood levels after injection (and is also stored in the liver), to provide immediate supply when symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency are evident.


An essential trace element that acts at a cellular level in several enzyme systems. Together with Vitamin E, it regulates metabolic oxidative processes of the body.


For the treatment of Vitamin B12 and selenium responsive conditions in lambs, calves and adult sheep and cattle. Of value to sheep and cattle grazing in cobalt deficient and selenium deficient areas.

Contra Indications:

Do not use unless a selenium deficiency has been diagnosed. Do not administer in conjunction with any other form of selenium supplementation. Do not exceed stated dose volume and frequency.


Selenium is toxic at levels above the recommended dose rates. Avoid over-dosage as toxicity may occur.


Lambs 0.5mll

Sheep 1.0-1.5ml

Calves 2-3ml

Adult cattle 3-6ml

Give by s/c or i/m injection into the anterior half of the neck. Dosage may be repeated as necessary. The frequency of dosing should be related to the severity of the deficiency. As a general recommendation, repeat every 2-3 months in cases of severe deficiency and every 5- 6 months in less deficient areas.

Side Effects:

Possible stinging effect at injection site.

Special Precautions:

Store below 25°C.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No A7255

Vijec vitamin B12 2000 Injection with Selenium - For Animal Treatment Only


Additional Information

MSDS Sheet Click here to download the Vijec B12 with Selenium MSDS pdf

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