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Hoof/Leg Wound

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  1. EA-Pad Spray

    An aqueous, quick drying, bactericidal spray


  2. Hemablock - Hemostatic Powder

    For the treatment of moderate to severe arterial and venous bleeding such as general surgical wounds, donor sites, biopsies, stitch lines, lacerations and general trauma


  3. Iodine Tincture Spray

    Antiseptic wound spray


  4. Kopertox Spray

    For use in the treatment of Ringworm and Footrot.


  5. Pedicine Hoof Ointment

    Regular application maintains healthy hooves and ensures suppleness and optimum hoof condition.


  6. Penetrene A Liniment

    The long established and well respected liniment that assists massage in the treatment of sprains and strains in horses and dogs. Now with improved formulation. Penetrene A® Liniment has been widely used to help promote blood flow to damaged tissues and so assist the natural processes of healing.


  7. Wound Powder

    A simple and effective ready-to-use fly repelling wound dressing suitable for use on all animals. Promotes rapid healing with minimal scar tissue formation on all shallow cuts, grazes and scratches.


  8. Flogestan

    Clay-based, plant extract enriched, poultice for muscles, tendons and ligaments


  9. Tea Tree Hoof Oil

    A translucent oil that contains Tea Tree Oil which is ideal for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Give a show ring shine. Suitable on all hoof colours.


  10. Electromicyn

    Changes the paradigm

    Electromicyn® replicates one of the body’s own defence mechanisms against pathogens: Foreign substances are not eliminated chemically, but are destroyed by a purely natural, physical process. The decisive factor is Electromicyn®’s Super Oxidised Solution Technology.


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10 Item(s)