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  1. Poultex Pad

    Wound Treatment


  2. Co-care Cohesive Bandage

    Co-Care Cohesive Bandages are a strong, flexible, breathable and non-woven with excellent cohesion


  3. EA-Elizabethan Snap Collar

    To prevent animals licking, biting or scratching while injuries are healing


  4. Endotracheal Tube

    Tracheal intubation is simple in most domestic species of animal


  5. Latex Examination Gloves

    Premium low powdered, non-sterile, ambidextrous examination gloves made from natural latex for a close fit and excellent feel.


  6. Nitrile gloves latex free – powder free

    Non-sterile, ambidextrous gloves made from 100% nitrile rubber that is 5 times stronger than latex and does not contain the latex proteins.


  7. BD Needles

    Benton Dickinson world renowned range. Boxes of 100’s. Sharp, high quality at the right price.


  8. BD Syringe Range

    World renowned Benton Dickinson Syringes. Quality at the right price. Full range of sizes and nozzle types. High quality Syringes with tight fitting plunger.


  9. BD Vacutainer and Vacutainer Needles

    Full range with multi-take needles


  10. Calol Drench Gun

    A Specially manufactured Drench Gun for Calol with wide bore and strong springs to cope with Calol’s thickness. Made by Genia in France, the Calcom Gun has a barrel containing 250ml and approximately 80ml in the spout.


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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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