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CalciTAT 50 slightly raises blood pressure as opposed to calcium borogluconate which lowers blood pressure.

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Calcium infusions have been used as the treatment of choice in milk fever for most of this century. 

Calcium gluconate was recognized as being much less irritating to other tissues than calcium chloride. The addition of a boron atom to the calcium gluconate, thus forming calcium borogluconate (CBG as we know it) greatly increased the solubility and the stability of the available calcium. Generally speaking 1g calcium/50kg is an adequate dose. 

Calcium ions act directly on the heart muscle so, if injected too rapidly into the vascular system, fatal heart seizure can develop. 

CalciTAT 50® is a step ahead in injectable calcium supplementation. It is a new calcium magnesium complex using citric acid, gluconic acid and boric acid. The low boric acid concentration and release of calcium and magnesium in a constant proportion ensure excellent compatibility. 

The lack of free boric acid means there is no stress on the cardio-vascular system. 

In a healthy cow the ratio of calcium to magnesium is 5.6:1, while in milk fever it is 2:1 

The coma symptom of milk fever is due to the relatively high magnesium level. The serum phosphorus deficiency in milk fever may also influence the symptoms. 

The quantities per dose of calcium magnesium and phosphorous in CalciTAT 50® are sufficient for every type and severity of milk fever. The 2 aminoethyldihydrogen phosphate also gives additional stimulation of metabolism. 

CalciTAT 50® can be infused relatively quickly with no stress on the cardiovascular system. 

In a trial on 40 milk fever cases in Britain the CalciTAT 50® was injected intravenously without prior warning. There were no clinical symptoms of incompatibility. Electro-cardiograph readings showed no significant changes. 

The frequency of heart beat, cardiac rhythm, intensity of heart sounds as well as frequency, intensity and rhythm of respiration are not impaired with CalciTAT 50®. 

CalciTAT 50 ® slightly raises blood pressure as opposed to calcium borogluconate which lowers blood pressure. 

It is well known that in ‘high capacity’ animals there is a more dramatic course of disturbing effects upon the administration of calcium. These animals are safe with CalciTAT 50®. 

So the advantages of CalciTAT 50® over CBG infusions can be summarized thus: 

  1. Low volume, high powered infusion. 
  2. Does not require warming. 
  3. Extremely safe to use IV, even in high risk cows. 
  4. Can be injected rapidly, if necessary. 
  5. Contains calcium magnesium and phosphorus in the correct ratios to cure imbalances. 
  6. Stimulates the metabolism. 
  7. Is compatible with Kynoselen and other stimulants. 
  8. Is something the farmer doesn’t have, i.e. a high quality efficient tool that only the vet has access to. 


Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, NoA3700 


CalciTAT 50®  - For Animal Treatment Only 

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