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  1. Oxytocin-EA

    An aid in obstetrics – synthetic ‘let-down’ hormone


  2. Electromicyn

    Changes the paradigm

    Electromicyn® replicates one of the body’s own defence mechanisms against pathogens: Foreign substances are not eliminated chemically, but are destroyed by a purely natural, physical process. The decisive factor is Electromicyn®’s Super Oxidised Solution Technology.


  3. Tolfedine CS 100ml

    100ml of sterile aqueous solution containing 4.0% w/v tolfenamic acid as active ingredient and 1.04% benzyl alcohol as preservative.


  4. Forcyl

    The problem solver - Single injection short action antibiotic


  5. Vaxi pack 2ml Vaccination gun

    A bottle mount injection gun


  6. Sepalube Powder

    Lubricant powder


  7. Hemoplex Injection

    A supplementary source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for horses, cattle, dogs and cats, for use during periods of stress and convalescence.


  8. EA Dextrose

    An energy supplement


  9. Calcitat-50

    CalciTAT 50 slightly raises blood pressure as opposed to calcium borogluconate which lowers blood pressure.


  10. Calol

    The new oral calcium supplement for prevention and treatment of milk fever. Palatable, easy to drench, gentle on the stomach. A water in oil emulsion of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.


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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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