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FAQ List

Electrolytes are very confusing. How do I know if my horse sweats excessively?
If a cat walks over a floor recently washed down with SteriGene® and then licks its paws, will it come to any harm?
Is it true that iron supplementation is safer by mouth than by injection?
My horse has a cut on its leg. Which spray should I use to help it heal?
Of all the oral milk fever treatments around Calol® seems to work much faster in treating the cow. Is this right and is there a reason for it?
SteriGene® is much safer to use than gluteraldehyde but how does the sterilisation time compare?
What are chelated minerals and why are they preferable?
Why give Calol® when I give a bottle under the skin?
Why should I feed supplements to my horse if it is paddock trained?
Will SteriGene® kill Cryptosporidia?