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About Ethical Agents Veterinary Marketing (EAVM)

Founded in 1968 by Geof and Jeanette Roberts, Ethical Agents is a specialist veterinary marketing company which has formed close partnerships over the decades with some of the best veterinary companies in the world. Our staff numbers and product lines may have expanded significantly since the early days, but the business has stayed true to its original philosophy of channelling new technology from manufacturers all over the world into the New Zealand veterinary market.

What sets us apart?

We’re not tied to one R&D division. We’re plugged into some of the leading suppliers to the world market — companies such as Vétoquinol, Serag Wiessner, Fatro, Troy Laboratories; and our local NZ technology. Ethical Agents is in a really unique position, these organisations have significant R&D capability, and are at the cutting edge of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

In all, EA holds 28 sole agencies from which it selects the best and most suitable products for NZ veterinarians.

As a NZ family business and the original NZ suppliers for our vast range of products we genuinely care for your wants and needs and will, as a company, go the extra mile to help if we can. Like our awesome French principals Vétoquinol, we have “a passion” for what we do. What is our goal? To be “the best” in our market.

Ethical Agents Offices

Our in-house vet

Dennis Scott


Dr Dennis Scott BVSc MACVSc (Veterinary Pharmacology) can be contacted for any technical assistance.

Frequently asked questions for Dr. Denny are featured on the FAQ page.

Our Research & Development

Ethical Agents holds sole NZ agencies for 28 international and NZ companies; in addition to this we have our own large range of products. Our principal supplier companies are amongst some of the finest in the world and annually spend more than 140 million NZ dollars on R&D.

The results of this expenditure mean that it is always worth seeing an ea rep. We nearly always have something new, we don’t add products unless there is a significant market reason, and we have been responsible for supplying some of the most useful and unique answers to practitioners’ daily problems through the launching of many niche products. Our new lines are often firsts in the market with products such as Forcyl, Aurizon, Metabolase & SteriGENE.

We bring the results of a huge R&D spending to NZ. The NZ Vet vote for ea is a vote for advancement and improvement in outcomes for your patients, the animals. We don’t have a "multi-national", money-driven attitude and this is why we are now the only NZ supplier left of many lines such as antihistamine and acetylpromazine injections, discontinued as unviable by other suppliers. Support a real R&D company bringing products to you from multiple worldwide sources; our ea focus is purely in true partnership with NZ Vet practices nationwide.

Our History