The gentle action enzyme spray that helps to heal

Cleans wounds and reduces scarring

Debrisol is an aerosol spray containing trypsin, an enzyme that gently removes devitalised issue and helps wounds to heal.

Debrisol is recommended for the treatment of infected or decayed wounds in horses, cattle, dogs and cats.

Enzyme therapy hastens healing caused by trauma. Debrisol's debriding action stimulates the formulation of healthy tissue while minimising scar tissue formation. Application of the sterile spray avoids contamination of wounds with any foreign material that may delay healing.

Debrisol is useful in the treatment of devitalised or necrotic wounds and abrasions, ulcers, abscesses, lacerations, wire cuts, rope burns, footrot or moist excema; anywhere that debris or dead tissue needs to be gently removed to assist healing.


DEBRISOL is a 500ml Pump Spray can which delivers a clear, yellowish-brown solution. Each gram contains 0.1mg Trypsin, 14.5mg Peru Balsam, and 110mg Castor Oil. The propellents are hydrocarbons.


Trypsin digests and liquefies dead tissue without injury to normal tissue. Peru Balsam provides protective properties and helps maintain the trypsin in contact with the wound surface. Castor Oil is a non-irritating emollient which softens and soothes and also assist the delivery of a non-clogging, uniform spray.


DEBRISOL aids in the removal of pus, or dead and decaying tissues, and promotes the growth of healthy tissue with minimum scarring.


For use on horses, cattle, dogs and cats.

Shake well before use. Hold the can upright approximately 10 centimeters from the skin and spray the affected area 2-3 times daily. Wipe off any excess spray from healthy tissue.


Do not spray onto or near the eyes.

Licensed under the Animal Remedies Act 1967, No. 5422.

Distributed By: Ethical Agents Ltd, 54 Hobill Avenue, Wiri, South Auckland, New Zealand.