Troy B-Complex is a sterile, stabilised Vitamin B-Complex injection that includes depot forms of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12..

Each ml contains:

20mg stabilised depot vitamin (B1)

5mg Riboflavin-6-phosphate (B2)

200ug Hydroxocobalamin depot (B12)

60mg Nicoinamide (B3)

17mg d-Pantothenol (B5)

20mg Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6)


B-Complex vitamins are water soluble and are necessary for carbohydrate and fat metabolism, protein synthesis and haemopoiesis. Periods of stress experienced during any rigorous training programme and frequent racing, can cause of deficiency of B-complex in a diet in which these factors are adequately provided for undernormal circumstances. In nature, members of the B Groups mostly occur together and function mainly as co-enzymes.

Their part is vital in numerous metabolic processes. Because of their close interdependence, the absence of one of these B vitamins will impair the action of the others.

The signs and symptoms of B complex deficiency are varied. However, they mainly affect growth, skin, mucous membranes, blood and the nervous system.

The vitamin B group includes some of the least stable of all vitamins and very little of these vitamins are stored in the liver or body tissues. The animal is therefore dependent on the vitamin content of its food and the absorption of vitamins synthesized by the symbiotic flora of the gastro-intestinal tract.

The B group vitamins are closely concerned with carbohydrate/fat metabolism and protein synthesis (particularly haemopoiesis), indicating a large continuous, requirement..

Deficiency crises then are quick to develop should any break in the chain of supply occur. Therefore, deficiences of B group vitamins can develop rapidly if any of the following conditions are present: reduced food intake, gastro-intestinal disturbances (reducing synthesis and absorption), liver damage preventing mobilisation of reserves and heavy demands on tissue repair/metabolism requirements.

Troy recommend that the anabolic steroid Stanabolic be used in conjunction with Troy B-Complex to increase the uptake of these vitamins in the over-stressed animal.


For use in convalescence, after treatment of antibiotics and antimicrobial therapy, anorexia, debility after illness or surgery. Troy B-Complex is indicated even if no deficiency symptoms are present. It helps improve appetite (particularly in horses that have become "sour" or are "picky" eaters) and overcomes unthriftiness after worming or illness. It also helps the animal to get into top condition.


All animals 0.25 to 1ml/10kg bodyweight IM or SC. Repeat daily as indicated.

NB: In horses with small cell anaemia, veterinarians have successfully used a course of 5mls Troy B-Complex every second day for six days in conjunction with 2mls of depot B12 for six days.


Protect from light. Store below 25oC


Sterile injection, 50ml vial.

Licensed under the Animal Remedies Act 1967, No. 3024

Prescription Animal Remedy (P.A.R) for use only following a veterinary consultation.

Distributed by: Ethical Agents Ltd, 54 Hobill Avenue, Wiri, South Auckland, New Zealand